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As I keep supporting clients to feel more relief with how they connect and nourish their bodies, I learn more and more about how our psyche and behaviors play such an important role. 

Before you begin ANYthing that involves a new behavior, check in with yourself on the inside and out. Make an agreement with yourself that you are going to keep checking in to see if your expectations are real and true. Some people do not realize that their OWN expectations will be the only thing that challenges their success. 

1. Make sure your environment supports your new intentions: 

  • Clean out your fridge and pantry with foods that are not supporting your new experiment. Then, of course, fill the fridge, the Intuitivarian process has a grocery list available for you in the coursework. 
  • Tell your loved ones you are implementing some new habits and behaviors. DO NOT say you are on a diet, they may start projecting all of their fears or beliefs on to you. This is all about you. 
  • Try to eat your meals in a more peaceful environment, away from electronics and give yourself extra time. 
  • Add in some extra self-care support the week prior versus beginning the process on an empty tank. 

2. Check in on how you feel mentally for this new challenge: 

  • Is this your busiest time of year and your schedule is jam-packed? If so, give yourself a couple more weeks of preparation and then allow the simple habit changes to go first. 
  • Do you already have preconceived beliefs that this is going to not work, be hard or you need it to be something that you perceive works? If so, I challenge you to try the ancient practice of yoga's beginner mindset. We all can live life with this beginner mindset and have more curiosity versus resistance. 

3. Do you have the right emotional tools and support waiting in the wings? 

  • If you are headstrong, you may tend to just force and will power your way through the changes, however, I see this doesn't last for the long game. Have some extra time to yourself set yourself up for success or have some of your favorite supporters on speed dial for when you need some extra nurturing. 
  • What tools are you using to connect to your emotions? Some philosophies believe disease symptoms can be triggered by unprocessed emotions. How do you feel into your own emotions? During the Intuitivarian process we recommend meditation, journaling, self-care, and massage. Please choose tools that resonate with you. 

If or when you sign up for the Conscious Nutrition Intuitivarian process, you will NOT begin right away. We added a video for a pre-week. This pre-week is getting your emotional, mental and physical bodies all aligned and ready to rock. 

Most people have noticed a sense of liberation with how to feed and fuel their body versus the constant negative mental chatter that existed prior to becoming more conscious of their bodies and food. The main thing I love helping you with is finding a more peaceful mindset around what YOU need to eat that helps you be a better you. As you practice this type of nourishment experimenting, the goals are to have more certainty in your own choices and less of the guessing game. That mental chatter around what and how to eat lasted decades in my own brain. Now, nourishing my body feels effortless and consistent, but believe me, I have other subjects I get to practice observing that crazy mental chatter. :)

As I recommend for you to experiment, we too are experimenting with how we support you in the Intuitivarian process. When you sign up today, you receive the Intuitivarian course consisting of daily instructional and inspirational videos, the Intuitivarian Guide, downloadable journal, guest speaker interviews and a monthly Q & A. We also have a Facebook group for you to join with other members of the Intuitivarian community. 


Sharing joy and nourishment,

Heather Dawn Fleming, C.C.N. 

P.S. If you feel you need more personal coaching, I am able to support 3 new clients in February and 5 more beginning in March. To learn more about personal support please click below.


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