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When I chose to start The Intuitarian Process I was feeling awful and desperate. After having lost track of healthy habits during the Holidays, I just couldn't find my way back towards health again. I knew I didn’t want to follow fad diets, I don’t believe in them anymore, but I was truly lost about how to turn it around even though I knew what I should be doing.

I can’t tell you how happy I am now that I chose to invest in this process, not only have I received more than I bargained for, but I feel great now and have learned a great deal about myself. First, I found out I needed a “pre-week” to prepare gradually to do week one. Then, week one lasted two weeks, and now I am currently on week two of the process still learning but feeling healthy again.

The flexibility and personalization of the Intuitarian Process is amazing and just what I needed. And since it is a holistic approach, by connecting with myself I have been able to work in my emotions too!

One last thing, I love to work with people who inspire and who generously share positive energy and wisdom. Thank you Heather! You are a ray of light in the world of nutrition.--Lucila M.