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Two Secrets to Fat Loss: Sleep & Poop

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Ok. I am going to give you all my nutrition secrets. People come to me for “weight loss”, however you CAN NOT lose weight until you:

1. Sleep through the night without getting up to urinate.
2. Wake up with an urge for a bowel movement or have one within an hour of waking and/or two bowel movements a day.


It doesn’t matter how much water you drink prior to bedtime, of course be a bit realistic, your bladder is big enough to hold water through the entire night. Your REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is THE most important aspect of a healthy life. Your body needs to restore, recovery, rebuild and re-energize and if you wake up in the middle of the night you are interrupting this process. Most people wake up exhausted every morning, and grab their cup of coffee for energy. Please email me for my hand out to support you with conscious tips to restore your natural sleep patterns.


Everyone’s favorite subject because everyone does it. To lose weight you HAVE to poop. Fat doesn’t just fall off your gut, it has to come out. The ideal bowel movement is first thing in the morning, formed, solid, floating, dark, complete, and doesn’t smell too much. The other ideal is experiencing this type of bowel movement after every meal. Yes, this is an ideal goal for all. If you experience constipation or diarrhea, you have the tendency to be chronically tired and gain weight easily. You do not have to live like this, please visit a health care practitioner or give us a call.

Sleep tight & poop right,
Heather Fleming


  1. Eileen says:

    Hey Heather! I have a good friend embarking on a big public weight loss journey. I want to know if u want to get involved. So much to tell u. Hope u are great as ever!

    1. Hi Eileen! Please do tell me more! I would love to see you soon!

  2. renee says:

    sleep tight & poop right, i love it!!!!

    1. Thank you for reading & enjoying my musings:)

  3. Lee says:

    Your point about REM sleep is very important. Adequate sleep is very important in maintaining a healthy body weight. However, I have concerns about the “pooping” half of your article. Your article makes it sound like the weight you lose exits your body through your rectum. That is a dangerous misconception to give people because if they use laxatives or irrigate their bowel to lose weight, that is unhealthy and prevents nutrients from being taken up. Weight loss is due to chemical bonds in fats/carbs/proteins being broken down to get energy to work your muscles & other bodily functions. Regular defecation indicates good health, but is not a prerequisite to weight loss. While your note about chronic fatigue in constipated or heavy-diarrhea people is valid, belly fat most certainly does NOT “come out” your rear end. Also: floating bowel movements come from animal fat, and color also varies with diet.

    1. Hi Lee,
      Thank you for your input. I apologize you understood that I recommended laxatives, I do not recommend laxatives, and never have. Yes, the more efficiently your body breaks food the better the function, thus the more waste and toxins you will excrete. Yes, excess waste (body fat) is excreted through urine output, respiration, sweat, and bowel movement.s The body just doesn’t let it “drop off”, it has to come out.

  4. christie says:

    Hi! I have a question about poop. I don’t have diarrhea but my poop comes out in a regular shape and just kind glides out is that normal?

    1. Yes, that is normal:) Congrats!

  5. dean says:

    I wake up once a nite aleast for about the last year can you help

    1. Yes, implementing whole foods to support your liver and balance your blood sugar will help you sleep through the night. You can email me at info@ConsciousNutrition.com for an application to become a client.

  6. Cats says:

    What if you poop every morning and over 3 times a day, but it isn’t solid and formed. Mine are always less formed like small floating clusters or liquid. When I was younger I pooped once every 2 days, but I did a cleanse as a teenager which made me poop everyday, multiple times a day.

    1. Hi Cats,
      If your poop is loose, you may want to add more fiber in your diet. Such as vegetables, chia seeds, and quinoa. If your bowels are loose you may be missing out on absorbing vitamins and minerals in your gut.
      The times of day you are going is great!

  7. ronnie says:

    hi heather,
    im trying to lose weight so i can be in shap for football so i have a question do you just wake up and go to the bathroom

    1. Hello Ronnie,
      The goal is to sleep through the night without waking to use the restroom. This helps your body repair, recharge, and restore to prepare for the next day. Try the suggestion listed to see if you notice any changes.
      Good luck with football,

  8. ronnie says:

    thank you i have been seeing changes this really works once again thank you

  9. Victoria says:

    Hi…I have been drinking green tea every day…so i go to the toilet after every meal, but its liquid …but i dont see results…what could be the course

    1. Hell Victoria,
      I will need more information, please email me directly, Heather@consciousnutrition.com

  10. Alexis says:

    Hi, I am l13 years old I’m obese and I am constipated every time poop. How do I lose the weight fast and how can I stop being constipated. 180lbs

    1. Hello Alexis,
      So sorry about how your feel. Yes, we got to get you pooping. Try cooking with coconut oil, taking Magensium in the evening, and drink plenty of water. Please email me directly for more support. Heather@ConsciousNutrition.com

  11. Becky says:

    Hi Heather,
    I heard you on a Webinar with Jon Gabriel. I loved what you had to say and was curious about your sleep and poop blog. I don’t
    Sleep through the night and would so love to be regular in the morning. I’d love to receive any tips you could give me. Thank you.

    1. Hi Becky,
      Yes, Add Omega 3 fish oils before going to bed & make sure you are hydrated and enough fiber in your diet. If you are doing the Gabriel Program, that should get everything back in balance. Or you can email me directly and I help you with some other specifics. Heather@Consciousnutrition.com

  12. MELODY says:

    hi heather,
    i barely go to the bathroom, i was wondering what i should do to go to the restroom more often because my diet has all the categories in the right amount . thanks mel

    1. Hello Melody,
      Check out the blog with the Jumpstart Program information and follow that for a few days and see if your bathroom experience changes.

  13. Doctor Sanders says:

    I am a doctor and im telling you that you’re wrong on the poop part. Good sleep is important, but waking up to urinate is not a big deal as long as you can fall back asleep. Poop and weight are completely unrelated. Some people poop 3 times a day and others poop once every 2 days. If one is constipated, the extra weight will drop as soon as constipation is relieved

    1. Thank you Doc!
      This blog has gotten the most “controversy”. The goal of this blog is to spread self awareness. I have been thinking about this blog for months, and I do believe that when all systems and organs are functionally optimally then you will release bacteria thru your poop, release CO2 thru your respiration, your skin will release toxins, and your kidneys will express urine output as needed. THUS, extra body fat will be released and not stored.
      I disagree with the waking up is not a big deal. This is when your body recovers and restores, deep REM sleep is necessary for your nervous system, which is the connection to all your organs. As you say, when constipation is relieved than extra weight will drop off, it is ALL connected.
      We want our patients and clients to be AWARE of their own body and take in information and apply it to their health. I don’t want them to “listen” to me. They need to be the best guru (or Doc) to themselves.
      Cheers to Self-Awareness,

  14. Sharon says:

    Hi, I have several food intolerances and I poop sometimes once a day but more often than not I can poop 5-6 times a day. It is always very loose and not formed. I am overweight and have been to my doc several times and got no help with it can you advise please.

    1. Hello Sharon,
      You do not want loose stool. This is a sign that food is not properly absorbed in the intestine. Please try:
      Taking 5 deep breaths prior to eating meals.
      Drink minimal water with meals.
      Do not combine protein and starch together with meals.
      Eat fruit separately from meals.
      Implement high quality digestive enzymes, Check out the Conscious Nutrition Resources.
      Email me if you need more support.

  15. mona says:

    Can you please email me the handout for sleeping right and not waking up in the middle of sleep. I give myself 7 hours every night for resting, but frequently wake up and feel tired in morning. Any tips to sleep sound will be much appreciated.

    1. Will do! Sending now!

  16. amber says:

    Hello! I don’t poop every day! I know I don’t poop as much as I eat! And it seems like no matter what I do I can’t drop any weight! When I do poop it’s not much and it’s like little squiggles or runny! Does this mean constipation!? Iv been thinking of doing a colon cleanse along with some intermittent fasting! Can you give me some thoughts on this? Thanks Amber

    1. Hello Amber,
      The colon cleanse and intermittent fasting may be supportive. I recommend our 3 week RESET program. It is bit gentler and will support you for life long success.
      The next one is getting scheduled in March:)

  17. Trixie says:

    Can you email me about how to stay asleep all night please cuz I’m up a couple times!