Intuitivarian 22-day Program

Intuitivarian 22-day Program


Sometimes your body needs a break. When your body is sluggish and out of balance due to diet, stress, and environment, toxins begin to build up in your blood and vital organs. This results in low energy, weight gain, mental fog, and DIS-ease. Just like your house needs a spring cleaning or your car needs an oil change, your body just needs a good RESET. This will help your body find the optimal vitality it desires.

Conscious Nutrition is introducing Intuitivarian 22.
This program helps RESET your mind and body in 22 days.
22 Days to Bare your Truth, Nourish your Body and Free Yourself.

This 22-day program is a food-based plan that lets your body’s organs relax, so they can naturally and gently clear out the toxins before more stress accumulates.

Who is an Intuitivarian?

There are a variety of nutrition modalities that people have studied and may have helped evolution but also may have caused confusion such as; Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Mediterranean, Vegan, and Paleo. What if some of the concepts from each one of these modalities support us on how we are suppose to eat? When I was studying nutrition, I had a tough time with following the black and white research, so I rebelled and believe we are instinctual, emotional beings who are having a wonderful life experience and are not meant to be rigid. And in this experience we have an inner knowing to express our whole selves. This is called being an Intuitivarian. Now, I am sharing this program to help you feel more connected, empowered, nourished and free.

Intuitivarian 22 is a program integrating nutritional science with your intuition. Most programs are omitting teaching you how to connect with your gut (pun intended) instinct during the 21 or 30 days.  Intuitivarian 22 will help you observe and understand your body, this program will only set you up for a lifetime of success by learning to trust and observe yourself.

Twenty-one days has been researched because the body’s natural cleansing or filtering process primarily involves the liver, digestive tract, lungs, and kidneys. Unwanted or potentially hazardous compounds that are soluble in water are easily eliminated (e.g., stool, sweat, urine). But fat-soluble compounds take longer and require enzymes from the liver to help break them down into neutralized, water-soluble substances for transport to the kidneys or intestines for elimination. “Environmental overload” or lack of nutrients to fuel necessary detoxification activities may also prevent harmful, fat-soluble compounds from undergoing this transformation process. (Metagenics Clinical Research)

The intention with 22 days is the number 22 is a power number in numerology, meaning The Master Builder. We want you to become the Master of your body and build your program to meet your individual needs. That is the truest program out there.

The number 22 is the most powerful of all numbers, the ability to turn lofty dreams into realities. And we believe you deserve all of your dreams to come true.

Why this program may or may not be for you? If you have struggled figuring out who to believe about your health and nutrition, this may be what you were needing. If you desire freedom to be who you are meant to be and want to be more empowered as a person, this may be a fun experiment to play with. This program is EXACT opposite of an all or none program. If you have strong will power and a critical mind set, this style may challenge you and your beliefs. Creating more compassion for yourself will help you and your everyone around you. Give it a go!

When to do this program?: There is NEVER a perfect time that why this program isn’t about perfection. However, try not to force this program when you have many social engagements, travel, vacation or times of emotional and life stress.

Phase 1 is an easy transition that replaces foods that can cause toxic build-up with gentle, cleansing foods.
Phase 2  is the healthy heart of the program and includes heaps of vegetables
Phase 3 slowly reintroduces foods back into your system. This process will make you aware of your body’s response and inner wisdom to different foods and how they affect you, or what we like to call Conscious Nutrition.

The Intuitivarian 22-day Program will help you achieve the following:

  • Relax and cleanse your body
  • Create a conscious relationship with your body’s signals, as they relate to food.
  • Discover what foods energize you and what foods drag you down (an indication of buildup)
  • Increase your mental focus and clarity
  • Introduce you to new foods you never knew you loved!
  • Enjoy the feeling of healthy nourishment

The Intuitivarian 22-day Program consists of:

  • Guidance: Step–by-step instructions that guide you through the process, grocery lists, meal planning, videos.
  • 22-days of daily emails that offer daily tips, nudges and instruction
  • 22-days of journals to support your conscious awareness of how food affects your body.

Intuitvarian 22 DIY Progam


Upcoming Group Intuitivarian 22-day Group Programs 

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