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Which holiday habits support you and which ones suck your energy?

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It is that time of year again. Are we going to fall into the rabbit hole of stress or are we going to brace and embrace ourselves for impact.

Let’s set some healthy intentions for the next six weeks versus pushing them away until January 1st.

1. Begin your day with quality nourishment:

HYDRATE! Have water waiting for you by your bed. Then head to the kitchen and either make herbal tea, lemon water or just warm water. This time of day for hydration is essential to move your bowels, clear your kidneys, and support your brain function.

Nourish: How do you approach your first meal? Do you just want to get it over with so you don’t get hungry later? Try to take a minute and actually see if you are hungry and if so then add in the fuel with connection. Either sit in the sunshine or spend quality time with your family, we need your cortisol as relaxed as possible.

2. How do you train your body and mind?

Your body: Can you feel the difference in your body on days when you need intensive exercise vs. a more relaxing movement practice? This is essential to connect with your body from a whole approach vs the old paradigm of no pain, no gain. Olympic athletes practice this by checking their resting heart rates each day to prevent injury and assess which exercise routine to implement. Checking your Resting Heart Rate is part of the Experiment phase in the NEW & Improved Intuitivarian 22 Day Process. If you are ready to begin your “new year” now, I am here for you!

Your mind: Are you meditating? Visualizing? Journaling? Porch sitting? Whatever tool you use to train your mind to connect with your emotions and life experiences. Do you feel fulfilled, spent, flat or exhausted? Sometimes or all of the time, the answers are right there within us. Take time to review the end of your day by checking in with what you are feeling.

3. How do you connect with people?:

How is it that people we love challenge us the most:) This is the time of year we spend with family and friends, do you appreciate your connection with them or do you feel drained after the gatherings?

I have been observing projection. Projection I do on to other people and the projection I see coming my way. For example; you receive a vague email from someone, do you jump to the negative and worse possible situation or do you wait to hear back from them to assess your correct response then?

I challenge all of us to be more available and create a projection free zone. These projections can be from deep wounds that are linked to shame, guilt, and other repressed emotions. The more love we have available to give, the more love we can receive.

4. How do you approach goal setting?

Are you a perfectionist? Do you let life push you around? Is it easy for you to focus? Setting ourselves up for success is way better versus trying to climb Mt. Everest everyday. For example, my get sh** done day is Monday and my creative day is Thursday. Creative days are my favorite, I clear my calendar and only have inspirational to do’s on my list, I am always ready to jump out of bed. How can we have more of these days?

The Intuitivarian 22 Day Process has a daily journal for you to observe your OWN rhythms and discover how you respond and react to stress. Journaling SUCKS, but man does it work. This journalling experience isn’t about control or judgment, it is all about self discovery. I journaled for a year while I was creating and discovering my nutrition philosophy. Having conviction to our own truths and beliefs will make goal setting effortless.

5. What books, people, experiences shape your thinking?

You know those moments when you are impacted by a book, movie or a person? I have 3 mentors, am an avid reader and adore movies that make me laugh and shift my perspective. Look for people and experiences to lift you up during the holidays. We are shifting from a consumer dominant culture to a minimalist and experience rich lifestyle. Instead of going through the motions of what you have done year after year, pause and create a new experience that gives you and your loved ones more fulfillment and insight.

Get the board games and dust off the deck of cards, shut off the TV and electronics and enjoy each other FULLY. We will desire a bit less food and be able to consciously choose if we are all having a more connecting experience.

Have a wonderful holiday season and subscribe to my YouTube to catch some of my holiday videos! I am joyfully working over the holidays to create some amazing programs to support you and all of the amazing health coaches out there.

Holler if you need embraced and we can set up a pow wow session here: 

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

Let’s try lightening up on oils!

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Do you know the feeling when you need something hearty and when you need something light? Is it just because your body needs it, or is because you need it to feel either more uplifted or grounded in your day?

I am a lover of the sauté, just throw any vegetable into a pan with hot oil and it always makes the meal taste better. Having spent 3 days in a class room for my continuing education, I am now open to substituting the oil with veggie broth and lime a few or more meals during the week. Plus, using oil was becoming an unconscious habit instead of a conscious choice for me. We have to keep checking in with our body and review our day and see what we need a bit more or less of.

No, fat is not bad, and this isn’t an all or none suggestion. We are just environmentally, emotionally, physically overloaded and overstressed which is making us less capable of detoxifying due to heaps of oxidative stress in our brain and organs. After all of the science thrown at me for 3 days, regarding environmental toxins that lead to many of the diseases in our society, I refuse to feel discouraged, negative or hopeless. Instead, I am going to keep trying to lead us to our personal healthy state of kick-ass well-being.

What is your definition of health? The one I am liking right now is: “Highest attainable state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being” and/or “What we eat, drink, think and do.

Recently, I have a couple of clients who were shining some light on this oxidative overload by the symptoms they were experiencing. Their bodies gained 30 pounds or so in a year, they have super low energy in the morning and have more mental fog then every before. If we can remove some oils in cooking then when we eat quality fats from whole foods we may by able absorb the nutrients a bit better.

I love being wrong:) So, I thought I was thorough and complete with my new Intuitivarian Process, well, I am not. Besides having a few technical issues (thank you to all the new participants for your patience) I just added the  suggestion of cooking with lime & broth to the process by experimenting with 3-4 meals per week.

I have personally tried and implemented many different nutrition modalities, such as, Paleo, Food Combining, Vegetarian, Alkaline, Intermittent Fasting, Raw Foods and Ayurvedic, only to discover they are all amazing. Trying each one alone helps you discover more about yourself and the new 22 day process integrates these modalities to help you learn to live them. I hope to keep discovering more amazing information to share with you as the Intuitivarian process becomes a part of your healthy lifestyle. To help the process be more user friendly we will be relaunching the course on the Teachable platform within the next couple of weeks!

Check out my video below to see what recipes I came up with using veggie broth & lime along with some other nuggets I took away from the conference.

Thank you for being part of my ever evolving nourishing life,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.





There is one program that does fit all…YOURS!

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Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to my new process, Intuitivarian 22 was born today on 10-10.  She is a compilation of…

  • Nutritional science I love and study.
  • Experimenting for over 20 years on how to share nutrition.
  • Coaching 1,000’s of clients and we are always learning.
  • Learning how to adjust and discern for yourself.
  • Believing in practicing compassion and self-compassion are the ways to become healthy in mind, body and spirit.

I wanted people to practice a process versus trying to fit an all or none program into their life. I desire that our lives be enhanced by adding in nourishment practices, philosophies, recipes that makes us moan, self-care, and expanding our conscious mind-set.

Many of my friends and clients try other programs such as Whole 30, Paleo Diet, Vegan and many Cleansing programs, I wanted to create something that could be supportive while you are experimenting and a program that could stand alone. I feel when we follow programs to rigidly we are missing out on the long game and these experiments can stress out the body and it can be more difficult to find balance.

If all you say after the 22 day process is “I never thought of it that way”, then life as you know it has shifted and my job is complete:)

The process consists of 3 phases with each phase incorporating your emotional and physical well being. MANY other programs do not focus on how your emotional state is effecting you and how to support this very important aspect of yourself.

Why this process may or may not be for you? If you have struggled figuring out who to believe about your health and nutrition, this may be what you were needing. If you desire freedom to be who you are meant to be and want to be more empowered as a person, this may be a fun experiment to play with. This program is EXACT opposite of an all or none program. If you have strong will power and a critical mind set, this style may challenge you and your beliefs. Creating more compassion for yourself will help you and your everyone around you. Give it a go!

When to do this process?: There is NEVER a perfect time to start due to our daily demands, and that why this program isn’t about perfection or being off or on a program. Try not to force this program when you have many social engagements, travel, vacation or times of emotional and life stress. You will have access to the process and materials for 90 days. 

You receive: 

  • Guidance: An e-book that guides you through the process, including grocery lists, how to shift your mind set, how to scan your body every day. You also receive the Conscious Nutrition Recipe book and The Follow Your Cravings Guide complementary.
  • 22-days of daily emails and videos that offer daily tips, support and instruction. This is the heart of the program. You can go at your own pace, soak up what and when you need to apply to adjust your own process. After you sign up, you receive an overview of Phase 1 and prior each phase, so you have an extra day to mentally and logistically prepare.
  • 22-days of journals to support your conscious awareness of how food affects your body. You can journal on your own or we offer an additional service for you to send your journal to us and receive feedback each week.

I am so excited to share this with you all. If you have worked with me before, this process is a combination of my past group programs, personal coaching and journaling. If you desire more personal support there are add-on options during the process to give you more individual guidance.

Click here to learn more about the process and the Add-ons:

See you everyday thru the videos if you decide to get your Intuitivarian on,

With love,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

P.S. I changed the price from $222 to $88 until the end of 2017!!:)

Head to my youtube here for more recipes and information

Am I thin, young and smart enough to be teaching nutrition?

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2 words. Los Angeles. My insecurities went flying up there. When I would be at gatherings with other like minded peers, I would feel these insecurities bubble up. How many times in our lives do we not feel enough? We are enough, and when we take one step at a time we will believe it.

Along with that bubbling up, came creativity and self expression. So, I put on the apron to protect me a bit while I got in front of the camera and practiced cooking demo videos. Now, this insecurity led to super fun videos, which gave me confidence and clarity to create my next process I am sharing with you on 10-10.

I do remember times when I was thinner, but wow, there was more anxiety, control and judgment in my life at that time too. We all have our peaks and valleys. As we learn from these, we gain more discernment to navigate the waters of our life. And along with these ups and downs we gather more self-compassion, way more compassion for others and insights.

Coming up on Saturday, October 7th @ TBA, join me for Facebook live from a TINY HOUSE!!! I will be making a fun Vegan Meal for the owners. I am looking into purchasing a tiny house and it comes as such a beautiful time as I am launching Intuitivarian 22 on 10-10. (the picture at the top of this blog is the kitchen of the new tiny home)

Here is my personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heatherdawnfleming

To learn more about the apron story and why 22 days both clinically and emotionally, click below and you can peruse my youtube channel, where I have been making heaps of cooking videos for you as I have been creating the content of the Intuitivarian 22 day program.

To take a gander at some of the details and more information to follow about what you receive during your 22 day process http://www.consciousnutrition.com/intuitivarian-process/

Thank you for being a part of my ever evolving process and extra gratitude your way we have all of our dreams come true.

See you live on Saturday,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

Relieve NOT Release Resistance

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I remember what I was wearing the day I relieved a lot of resistance I had toward food, being right, perfect and exhausted in regards to the tennis match in my head about what to eat or not eat.

After years of following all of the -arian diets, searching for the perfect ANAL-ytical answers from books, doctors and any other expert but myself, I began the journey of trusting my own unfolding and followed my gut.

The amount of time I spent on obsessing toward food, I could have learned 10 languages and the guitar (which they both are still on my list). Now, I am spending more time relieving myself and others of all the resistance we live in and releasing my new Intuitivarian Process.

The amazing Wayne Dyer said it best, “Everything you are against weakens you and everything you are for empowers you.” I stopped judging food on a black and white basis and started allowing my body to lead me. I lost a million pounds that day, and am still relieving resistance in more areas of my life.

Check out more of the story here and stay tuned to 10-10-2017 for more details of Intuitivarian 22-day process.

P.S. Also, below this video, learn how to “Get Your Leek On”…




Intuition is Science

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Measuring intuition is being studied and becoming more accepting in the scientific community. “Intuition is a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and non-conscious parts of our mind, and also between instinct and reason.” –Francis Cholle from Psychology Today.

Definition of Intuition:

The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Non conscious, emotional, information from the body or brain.

An instinctual feeling or sensation.

How does this relate to our bodies?

Vagus Baby!

The vagus nerve is one of the larger more important nerves in the human body. One key role that it plays is to counteract when our alarm system has been set off resulting in the infamous fight and flight or freeze response. The vagus nerve tells the body and brain, it is safe now and the threat is gone. All bodily functions can return to normal now. So many people’s nervous system is stuck in fight and flight and they do not feel safe. (Resource: “Gut Vagal Afferents Differentially Modulate Innate Anxiety and Learned Fear” and was published May 21, 2014 in the Journal of Neuroscience.)

There is a lot of discussion regarding the mind-body connection, and this nerve could be the key to it all.

  • The nerve is bi-directional, meaning it sends messages from the brain to the body and vice versa.
  • It’s how the body talks to the brain. 80% of its capacity is directed towards channeling information from the body to the brain.
  • It is the “vagabond” nerve that wanders around and surrounds our heart and core area.
  • It is heart-centered and noted as the nerve of intuition and the nerve of compassion.
  • When we feel safe, without threat or anxiety, these abilities and inclinations are free to expand.

How does this apply to food? Completely. Food is how we nourish and connect with ourselves and others in times of celebration. There is ALWAYS  food available at every social function. If you are heart centered and connected to your calm nervous system, choosing your food and meals will become effortless without ANY thought. You get to be a human BEING vs always being in your mind and being a human DOING.

In a recent blog I shared the voices in my head and my inner critic’s name, A**hole. I remember what I was wearing the day I stopped letting my inner critic rule my head and body in regards to food. (however, there a couple of subjects that the critic is still thriving on, but we are getting even better at those too).

The conscious mind is an expert in being rational and logical and it is RELENTLESS. Your unconscious mind has a different filter, and deciphers through information from past, present and future to connect with our gut feelings in a nonlinear way.

What if we relieve the inner critic to lead and have a brand new voice in our head to help us choose food (& life) that supports our soul, body and mind. Often times we rationalize away those voices within, NOW we are going to listen without judgment. How do we allow these inner dialogues to happen without fear, shame or ridicule?

I began studying nutrition and teaching only the science, because that was what I believed how I would help people the most. Now, I truly believe it is a combination of knowledge with knowing. My rebel has wants and desires while my critic is judging and criticizing it. And all we want is to do is enjoy some flipping gelato fully without battling these voices.

I am creating a new process to help others connect more toward this knowing. Wayne Dyer said it best, “Everything you go against weakens you and everything you are for empowers you”. So if we wake up everyday with our list of foods we judge, resist and stress against, we have given our power away instantly. Instead, we are going to practice waking up with acceptance by listening and finding your yes, and not letting those voices rule.

The process will be launched on October 2nd, it is called The Intuitivarian Process, nourish your body and bare your truth. A 22-day process toward self-exploration and acceptance by feeling your yes and living passionately. My personal objective with this program andwas to observe EVERY thought, action and vocabulary I direct towards my body. I want to be present on this earth by practicing loving my body fully, every inch, wrinkle, dimple, laugh line of this 44 year old body.

If you have worked with me in the past this new program is a combination of working with me while you journaled and received feedback, along with the the group programs I conducted such as the RESET and Jump Start. This process can be done alone or with feedback support. Please stay tuned for further information on the details of this process.

I will be sending out blogs more frequently these next two weeks, so if you are not interested in learning more, I totally trust you, please unsubscribe if my new process doesn’t resonate with you.

Thank you for being a part of my personal and professional evolution and I hope to be a part of yours.

With joy and nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.


Switch up your hydration with Switchel

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I recently ran into an amazing client, she was having an off day and I was having an on day. Interesting how that works. So, we caught up, supported each other and she shared this drink with me called Switchel, and now I get to pass it along.

Switchel was originated in the Caribbean and made its way to the States 100 years ago. Also know as Haymakers punch, this concoction helped the farmers stay hydrated and cool during long days.

The breakdown of the ingredients and why they are supportive:

  1. Organic apple cider vinegar:  Has natural sources of minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium.
  2. Molasses: It is a great natural source of Iron, B6, Potassium, Selenium and copper. Molasses can be supportive for people who suffer from anemia and have trouble absorbing other sources of iron and for people with diabetes.
  3. Ginger: A powerful natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant because of its oil called gingerol. It is a go to root for nausea and digestive troubles.
  4. Rhubarb: Is a great source of Vitamin K and calcium. Plus it is great to add variety in your life.
  5. Lime: Good ole Vitamin C and helps with the flavor of the drink.


1 T of Organic apple cider vinegar

2 cups of water

1 T of crushed fresh ginger or 1/8 cup of blended rhubarb

1 T of organic raw honey or black molasses

Top with lime and bubbly water if you desire.

Check out the demo video below and for more recipes check out the Conscious Nutrition Recipe eBook

Cheers from a switchy woman,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N

P.S. What do you need to switch-el in your day to help you feel more pleasant and connected?


Dear Coffee, it’s not you it’s me

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One of my favorite things to observe while I am telling someone that I am a nutritionist, is within one minute their eyes bug out of their head, their voice squeals higher, they look so frightened and then they ask in one breath “is coffee bad for you and don’t you take away my coffee.”

Ahhh, coffee. What is it about you? Is it the ritual, the bitterness, the warmth, you open all of our senses to help us be alert after we wake up? It has been over 3 months since I tasted you and I miss you everyday.

Why did I take some time away from this mystical bean? I didn’t drink coffee everyday and would have it as a weekend treat to feel rebellious and free. Then our relationship began to become a bit more co-dependent and I noticed my energy level was slumping. No, it couldn’t be coffee, it had to be something else.

Some people have a constitution that coffee doesn’t effect their adrenals, hormones and immune system. Some of us more sensitive types tend to have reactions to coffee and other stimulants.

Here are some guidelines from the Ayurvedic Traditions to enhance your relationship with yourself and coffee.

Monitor and adjust your coffee intake if….

  1.  You have physical signs of indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, or skin rashes. Try releasing coffee for awhile and observe your body’s healing effects. If you are mentally and emotionally sad, I understand, however, don’t let the coffee have the power over you, you are readjusting your relationship.
  2.  You are often agitated, irritated, hypercritical, judgmental, or angry. This is NOT a good time to have an extra cup. Hydrate, nourish your body and observe the emotions before the coffee jolts you out of it.
  3.  You experience dehydration, dry hair, dry skin, constipation and insomnia (add cinnamon with a splash of nut milk)
  4.  You notice you are forgetful, restlessness, or if you feel scattered, spacey, or frazzled. You brain and nervous system need a break and coffee can effect your adrenals causing you to run on adrenaline.
  5.  You are constipated and have trouble losing weight, try your coffee just black.
  6.  Coffee can be medicinal in small amounts. Try a morning ritual of plain warm water or with lemon prior to breakfast then have your coffee after and by 10 am.

Please play with your relationship with coffee, your body and that stubborn mind of ours. The goal is that we feel so supported with quality nutrition and self care that coffee doesn’t effect our health and can be for medicinal purposes and enjoyment.

Love you a latte,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N


Check out this video and have fun adding the different flavors of nut milk to your coffee, shakes, smoothies, curries, and desserts. Also, if you want to learn more about why you crave different flavors, check out the Follow Your Cravings Guide

Is managing your hunger supporting you?

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I saw a friend this week who I haven’t seen in awhile, she looked amazing and released some weight. She said, “I realized how hungry I needed to be before I ate.” Do you wait long enough to feed your true hunger or are you managing your food so you don’t fear being or becoming hungry?

First, let’s break down how blood sugar functions in your body. You eat some food, your blood sugar goes up, insulin rises to take care of the nutrients, the nutrients are transported toward their respected organs, your blood sugar normalizes, and all is well.  The goal is you will get hungry again when your body truly needs more energy.

In some people, however, eating food causes the pancreas to secrete a large amount of insulin. Your blood sugar drops from its postprandial (blood glucose after a meal) high, but the insulin goes above and beyond, then your blood sugar continues to plummet past “normal.” Then hunger becomes constant, but you’re not really receiving nourishment. You’re just eating to push up your blood sugar.

Then we have the quick fix feeling when the brain tricks you by secreting endogenous opioids, morphine for the brain, together with dopamine, cause you to want more of whatever food triggered those secretions. Examples of these foods can be sugar, dairy, wheat, flour and alcohol.

So, it seems my friend supported her blood sugar functioning by feeling her true hunger and waiting to eat so her body could receive the energy it truly needed.

How to help your pancreas not to go over and beyond:

  1. Cinnamon: Add in a warmed nut milk as a snack if you are not feeling hungry but not yet trusting your blood sugar, especially mid morning or mid afternoon when your energy level slumps.
  2. Gymnema Leaf (Gymnema sylvestre): Helps to support healthy blood sugar levels already in the normal range by modulating intestinal glucose uptake: Fenugreek Plus from Metagenics is a great brand to try. A portion of these supplements support the author of these informational blogs & videos:) thank you!
  3. Two cups of Veggies twice a day: The new 2×2:) I LOVE teaching others to add in 2 cups of veggies twice a day. Either juiced, blended, sautéed, salads, soups, and raw.
  4. High Fiber Foods: Add these food in your rotation; artichokes, green leafy vegetables, chia seeds, flaxseeds, apples, pumpkin seeds, almonds, avocado and sweet potatoes.
  5. Sleep: Lack of sleep can raise stress and appetite hormones (like cortisol and ghrelin, which make you hungry), making it harder to void sugary snacks, refined grain products and caffeine overdose. So if you have a tough night, just be on high alert that these cravings may come in but you are prepared with these other tips.

Play with your hunger and begin to decipher if you are feeding your blood sugar or really giving your body the nutrients it needs to give you the energy you deserve.

Stay balanced & embrace your hunger,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N

P.S. Check out my video when my body steered me to try something new! Your cells are your inner guidance system. Stay cool & have a happy holiday!

Even Mother Theresa took naps

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These words flew out of my mouth while I was supporting a client toward more self care. He is an amazing man that is there for everyone else but getting his needs met and his body nourished wasn’t high on his list of priorities. Does this sound familiar to anyone? This the next thing he said was, “Actually, I met Mother Theresa and she told me that I looked tired and needed rest.” My mouth dropped open and there wasn’t much else to say–she said it and, randomly, this girl from Nebraska who teaches nourishment said it.

A few months later, I would like to report when I saw my client, he had the light back in his eyes, color in his skin, lost 12 pounds and was taking a week off for vacation. It was time for him to take care of himself.

Is this how your day goes? You pull yourself out of bed, grab caffeine, rush to get your day started, stop mid day to grab a bite then feel bloated and lethargic after, have no desire to work out or stop at the store to get groceries, then couch surf, sleep and start the routine all over again? All day you are depriving your body by not getting its needs met. This accumulation of deprivation begins the accumulation of cortisol that becomes chronic to your body. It isn’t one surge that throws you off, it is the negative self talk, the abuse on your body, and the lack of nutrition it isn’t getting that throws you in the dis-ease state.

Here are a few of self care strategies to help you begin.

  1. Drink 16 oz of water upon waking. It is getting a bit warmer now, so even if it chilled, go for it. Also, try to add nourishment before your caffeine intake. I have a client who shifted this and in one week her energy level doubled, I said doubled:)
  2. Nap!: If you notice daily that you have strong cravings at a certain time of the day, this is when your body and nervous system may need a time out. For example, I let go of coffee 2 months ago (again), I wasn’t a big coffee drinker but I knew it wasn’t supporting me. After 48 hours I could not keep eyes open @ around 11 am which is not an ideal nap time, so I took my own advice and surrendered. Ten minutes later, I felt like a new woman. How many times have you ignored your body and its signals? The time from 9-11 is the when the spleen is doing its work which is associated with mental powers and converting nutrients into energy, so guess whose spleen needed a boost:).
  3. Nature: Seriously, nature works EVERY time. Even if you just sit outside without your phone and space out between appointments or book a nature walk after you have had an intense life situation. It is all about the negative ions. Negative ions, put in non-scientific terms, are basically oxygen ions with an extra electron attached, produced through water molecules, which is why they are in such beautifully abundant supply near fresh, flowing water supplies such as rivers, streams, seas and waterfalls. This also explains how refreshing it can be to have a have a shower, swim or take a bath when we are feeling fatigued. But these negative ions, in plentiful supply in natural settings, are dangerously low in the average air-conditioned office, over-heated home or stuffy car. The air around waterfalls, for example, can contain anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter and an office is a few hundred or less per cubic centimeter.
  4. Satiating Meals: Having 3-5 meals in your weekly rotation that you love and they satiate your taste buds is the best self care you can do with your relationship with food. The Conscious Nutrition Recipe Book was created to help you absorb nutrition while you loved the meals you are creating. Check it out and highlight which meals you want to experiment with and try 1-2 new ones a week.
  5. Fulfilling Relationships: Do you eat with your friends even though you are not hungry? Most likely it is because you may be craving connection, comfort, or support from them and this is one avenue to receive it. What if food isn’t the focus and you try other ways to connect and support each other, such as new classes, volunteering, walks, or anything new to help you release past conditioning from emotional eating that isn’t supportive.

What are some of yours? Please share!

Taking care of yourself helps your light shine brighter for others,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

P.S. Local San Diegoans, I am in town for the month if you need a nourishing pow-wow. Please email me:)